National Helpline Opening Hours

                                                                                 Mon-Fri 9am-8pm

                                                                                 Weekends 1pm-4pm                                           

                                                                                                              FREEPHONE 0808 802 6161







CBCS Board

The CBCS Board is in control of the management and administration of the charity and needs to ensure that the charity operates effectively, and is able to account for its activities and outcomes both to the public and to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).

It has a duty to provide clear direction for our charity to realise our vision that "CBCS will be the most effective Scottish organisation working to benefit bereaved people, securely resourced and widely respected for its service to communities throughout the country. A full range of bereavement services will be available to meet the needs of clients and partner agencies."

The main functions of the Board are:

  • To provide direction for the work of CBCS.
  • To make policy and provide governance to ensure consistent high quality delivery of services and volunteer training.
  • To ensure that our work is securely resourced and sustainable.
  • To provide a cohesive management structure to maintain our credibility for professional service delivery and to support our staff and volunteers.
  • To provide a structure to recruit and train staff and volunteers to deliver our services.
  • To engage fully with our staff and volunteers, to listen and advise on CBCS work and priorities.
  • To engage in / encourage partnership working at all levels.
  • To engage with key partners at a strategic level to promote and guide our work.
  • To monitor and evaluate all aspects of our work and to refine our goals and working practices in line with findings.

CBCS Leaflets

Check out our key leaflets - you may find that what you are experiencing is normal for someone who is grieving.

Volunteer Opportunities

Training Opportunities

CBCS offers a number of courses that are currently run on a 'demand led' basis.

We are currnetly looking for helpline volunteers. If you are interested please click here for information regarding the role and here for an application form.


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