National Helpline Opening Hours

                                                                                                         Mon 9-8

                                                                                                         Tues 9-8

                                                                                                         Wed 9-8

                                                                                                         Thurs 9-8

                                                                                                      Fri 9-8

                                                                                                      Sat 1-4

                                                                                                      Sun 1-4


                                                                                                                                    FREEPHONE 0808 802 6161








Cruse Scotland now finds itself in the unique position of matching client need with volunteer capacity.


As a result, we are pausing all volunteer recruitment to ensure we meet our existing volunteer obligements and continuity of client support.


Please revisit this page and keep up to date with our service requirement. We will be updating our page regularly.







CBCS Leaflets

Check out our key leaflets - you may find that what you are experiencing is normal for someone who is grieving.

Training Opportunities

CBCS offers a number of courses that are currently run on a 'demand led' basis.


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